Mercury is the Roman God of merchants, shopkeepers, communication, and trickery.

The merchants of old are the traders of today, so it is fitting to name the first post in the blog that covers trading, after the deity overseeing this crucial activity. After all, managing money is doing God’s work.

If you browse the web and look for “trading”, you’ll be inundated with information. Most will be useless, a lot will be bad, very few will be decent. Remember that Mercury is the God of tricksters and thieves – misinformation is part of the game. Have you ever met an honest thief?

So where can the secret formula be found? Nowhere. Where can good information be extracted from? Books! What about great information? Connections!

After going through the Finance coursework at university, like many before me, I noticed a massive gap between the approaches to valuing financial assets learned in the classroom and how it was done in the real world. Part of the goal of this series of trading-focused posts will be to fill this gap, and document the steps as I progress through this arduous path.

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